Basic Options For Greyhounds Betting

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Greyhounds are a breed of dog that belongs to the group of whippets. They are hunting dogs, specifically hares and foxes from the English countryside. Their physical characteristics make them aerodynamic, very fast with powerful muscles.


Normally, they compete until 4 or 6 years old. Their fate after reaching this age is somewhat controversial, while some are adopted as a pet, others are abandoned by their owners or donated to experimental science. To avoid this scourge, regulated leagues have a program for the removal of greyhounds. The same problem occurs with racehorses with similar programs.

What Is The Name Of The Place On Which Greyhounds Compete?

The arena is the track where the races take place and are oval. The distances vary between 210 and 1,100 meters. Up to eight greyhounds per race participate. Dogs wear a muzzle and clothing in the colour of their owner and number.

Irish Greyhound Board Dog Track

In the dog tracks, spectators can view the races from the different stands or from inside the venue through windows and restaurants. Greyhound bets can be placed at the different windows enabled for this.

Greyhound Betting Types

Winner or Straight Bet: choose the greyhound that finishes first.

Second or Place: select a greyhound that finishes in first or second.

Third (Show): select a dog that can come in first, second or third place.

Imperfect pool: select the first two places regardless of the order.

Exact: select the winner and second place in exact order.

Trifecta: select the first three places in exact order.

Superfecta: select the first four places in exact order.

Double: select the winner in two consecutive races.

Triple: select the winner in three consecutive races.