Can you learn casino strategies from the movies?


The casino floor as a setting has seen some of the most iconic scenes in cinema history play out. From the tense games of baccarat in Casino Royale to the card-counting spree in Rain-Man, there is no shortage of epic casino scenes in the cinematic canon. 

In many of these scenes, we typically see the protagonist use some secretive system to sway the odds in their favor, which sees them coming out on top. But do any of these strategies work, or is it all fiction rather than fact? Let’s have a run-down of some of the most famous betting strategies portrayed in the moves—and you never know, you might be able to try out the winning ones in your best NJ online casinos!

Rain Man

In Rain Man,the protagonist Charlie Babbitt is a grifter who will do anything to score a bit of extra cash. His whole world falls apartwhen he finds out that his deceased father left his entire fortune to a brother he didn’t know he had. Charlie is forced to look after his brother, Raymond, who is an autistic savant and isincredibly gifted with numbers and memorization. After some serious plot twists and turns, the brothers end up in a Vegas casino where Charlie tries to put his brother’s skills to use against the casino. In a famous sequence, Raymond utilizes a method of counting cards in a poker match the predict what hands everyone at the table has, including the dealer, which allows him to make some incredible wins. But is thispossible?

While counting cards is undoubtedly a strategy you can use in real-life games, it isn’t the easy way to win the depiction in Rain Man makes it out to be. The actual method of counting cards is relatively well known by now, and if it were half as successful as it was made out to be in the movie, everyone would be using it! While you can apply some card counting techniques to help you make better-informed choices at the card table, it isn’t a strategy with a guaranteed success rate that the movies make it out to be!

Casino Royale

In Casino Royale, the notorious gambler James Bond is seen using a betting strategy at the roulette wheel that allows him to turn the odds in his favor and make some stunning victories. The procedure, which was also discussed in the book of the same name, involved a betting system that increases the likelihood you will score a winning bet. The strategy involves putting a small bet on 0, a larger bet on 13-18, and an even larger bet on 19-36. As such, you are essentially giving yourself 25 numbers that will score you a winning bet, and only 12 where you lose.

But does this method guarantee you a win? The short answer is no! While this is a good way of increasing your chances over time, this only happens if things play out perfectly. And as roulette is a game of pure luck rather than strategy, these are difficult circumstances to control. Progressive betting strategies like this aren’t anything magical and are commonly used in a range of different games. What they won’t do, however, is guarantee you a win!