Casinos in Kitzbühel (Austria) in 2021

The casino in Kitzbühel definitely met our high expectations. The guests find Casino Kitzbühel to be one of the friendliest, liveliest and tastiest casinos in Austria. One of the pluses is undoubtedly the location. Kitzbühel is a picturesque medieval town in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. It is one of the most famous and exclusive winter sports destinations in Austria. The casino, which was designed as a cozy, elegant ski lodge, is the perfect place for visitors to the city.

Dress code

There is no real dress code at Casino Kitzbühel. Most of the players wore jeans and a shirt. Some suits are also seen. However, the casino clearly intends to maintain an elegant vibe, even if neither a jacket nor a tie are officially required.

Casino Kitzbühel entry

Entry to Casino Kitzbühel is free. Visitors are given the opportunity to pay € 27 and receive € 30 chips and a welcome drink. However, if you accept the offer, you will need to play each of the chips you received at least once before you can withdraw. You will receive € 5 gold chips. As soon as you have placed a bet with these chips, the croupier pays you your winnings in regular chips, depending on the outcome of your bet, which you can later bring to the cashier and pay out.

Table games in the Casino Kitzbühel

When we entered the casino there were two roulette tables open with a minimum of € 2 and one blackjack table with a minimum of € 5. A second blackjack table and a casino holdem table have been closed. The casino manager later offered to open the casino holdem table for us. So, the casino usually opens available tables at the request of a visitor.

The casino was not offering poker at the time of our visit. According to the casino manager, they only offer poker during the high season (August and ski season) as there is no demand for the rest of the year. However, he emphasized that anyone can call casino all year round and order a table for a poker cash game and he will be happy to handle the request. During the high season the casino offers three tables.

Slots Casino

The slots are located in the smoking area next to the live table games. There are a few machines (54 according to the casino website), mostly 5-reel video slots. The multi-roulette stations are also available.

Every player will be totally enthusiastic about the atmosphere in Casino Kitzbühel. The low ceiling, which is equipped with wood, looks beautiful. The carpet in the center of the room has a modern design with a colorful, abstract pattern. According to the Austrian / Bavarian tradition, the roulette tables are made of dark wood with curved legs, but are equipped with all modern devices, including the electronic board that provides the players with the relevant statistics.


Austrian casinos clearly prefer smokers. Casino Kitzbühel is no different in this regard. Smoking is allowed in the casino. The small non-smoking area has only a few slots and a blackjack table that was closed at the time of our visit.


We were very enthusiastic about the casino in Kitzbühel. The cozy and warm atmosphere attracts hundreds of guests. The casino offers a wide variety of traditional games and is always ready to promise player demands. In short, we recommend everyone to try their luck at the Kitzbühel casino.

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