Infinite Options for the Perfect Betting Deals

To understand why a bookmaker always has an advantage, you need to understand what a bookmaker’s margin is. When creating coefficients, a commission is included in them so that the bookmaker makes a profit in any case. A reasonable bookmaker’s risk fee is a margin of 2-3%, but most often the value rises to 7-10% or more. Only Marathon and 1xBet can be attributed to low-margin offices.

The 메이저 사이트 bookmaker creates the most comfortable conditions for its activities, when the risk is reduced to zero, and the margin is guaranteed to make a profit. If the players bet more actively on one outcome, the office increases the quotes for the opposite market, enticing inexperienced bettors to place a deal that will balance the amount of funds placed for a particular event.

It turns out that even before the start of the fight, the player has fewer chances to win than the office, and when the margin exceeds 10%, the bookmaker openly robs its customers. Better not to bet in such bookmakers.

Decide on a Specialization

Choose a narrow niche for your 은꼴 bets. Don’t be sprayed on many sports disciplines. Decide on your sport first, then focus on one or more tournaments. You need to better understand the game and analyze events than a bookmaker. In this case, you will be able to consistently play a plus.

The offices are not able to follow exclusively each championship. Usually there is a list of competitions that are added to the line in order to expand the offer. The company does not expect to make money and simply copies the coefficients from competitors.

When a player has been following an exotic championship for a long time and has unique knowledge gained from watching matches that bookmakers have not watched, he has an advantage over the office’s analysts. You can also study the news related to the event in more detail. For example, little attention is paid to the national football championship of Algeria in the CIS.

It is not difficult to become an expert in the English Championship, but it will not give you special privileges in the confrontation with BC. But a thorough knowledge of an unpopular tournament will be useful due to the low competition.

Live betting is the most unprofitable for players

Live bets are real-time bets. Most often, bets during a match are made in a hurry, spontaneously and thoughtlessly, which leads to failure.

For most bettors, especially beginners, live bets resemble a slot machine, because deals are settled quickly and do not have to wait long for payment. Bookmakers try to pay out winnings instantly so that clients have time to place new bets on the same match.

Here passion comes to the fore. A person is not able to control himself, and in any situation. If a series of failures, then urgently need to recoup. The player bets over and over again until the entire pot is lost. In case of wins, the bettor is sure that he is lucky and continues to play. Rarely does anyone manage to stop in time and stay in positive territory. When the mind is clouded, it is impossible to make a deliberate and balanced decision.