Look for Your Best Solutions in Online Roulette

You are certainly not the only one who wants to know how to win at roulette, because if you know how to do it you can earn a lot of money.

So how do you win at roulette? We have answered the question right here, where you can also see how Oliver, playing roulette on the site, uses a system to make money. In xe88 apk online download option you can get the best returns.

How to win online roulette and make $ 100 in 30 minutes

In the video below, you can see how we make $ 100 in 30 minutes playing roulette demonstrating how much winning is actually possible.

The system we use to make money on the roulette wheel works like this:

  1. Place the lowest possible bet for red or black and spin the roulette wheel.
  2. If you win, you make the same bet again. If you lose, you double on the next bet, putting it on the opposite color from the previous bet.
  3. If you win, you start over. If you lose again, you double again.
  4. Keep doubling up until you win

By doubling your bets when you lose, you recoup your losses as well as the amount of your first bet each time you win.

This means that you will always win by using this game method!

Anyone can win at roulette as long as there is luck. Statistically, the roulette wheel always has an advantage, which is why, casinos have so much desire for us to play.

Unlike poker or blackjack, roulette more or less depends on chance. Thus, it can be very difficult to consistently win roulette, and really, you shouldn’t expect to learn.

You can be lucky enough to win at roulette by placing your money in the right place. If you keep betting, sooner or later, you lose your money as the game of roulette has the advantage of 2.63% over European and French roulette and 5.26% over US roulette. This is called “the house edge”.

Of course, the less you lose at roulette, the more you win in a way. Too many roulette players are not careful to minimize their losses. Below are some points on how to reduce your money losses as much as possible. If you read these tips you will be one step away from knowing how to win playing roulette!

Stick to outside bets

An outside bet is one of the following bets at the roulette table:

  • Red or black
  • High or low
  • Even or odd

These three types of bets all produce a 1 to 1 win. This means that if you beat roulette with an outside bet of $ 1, you win $ 1.

Outside bets aren’t that attractive when you think about the size of your winnings, but in the long run, it’s the best chance of winning at roulette.

Determine a maximum amount you want to spend on gambling

Once you lose the first time at roulette, it is easy to be tempted to keep playing until you have lost money. This is dangerous in and of itself since you can be unlucky and lose all your capital. Therefore, you should always make sure that you determine the amount you want to play when trying to win at roulette. A good tip is to write down the maximum amount you want to spend in the game.


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