How to play online roulette? What are the proven methods?

If you have seen the James Bond saga, Casino Royale, you already know that roulette has glamour. You will first need to open an account at W88club online casino. The Recommendations include casinos licensed to operate in Vietnam, where you can play, deposit and make withdrawals in complete safety and comfort. Once you’re all set you can start betting.

Instead of using your hands to move the chips, you use the mouse. Place your chip where you want to bet, according to the tips above, and wait for the roulette movement to start. Now it’s a matter of luck and odds. If you think your winnings are completely out of your control, you are wrong. There are ways to calculate your chances of winning and doubling bets at the right times.

Online roulette methods

Who doesn’t want to make money having fun? If you play roulette online with strategic vision and good methods you can win more than if you play without any rules. The most recommended strategies for online roulette fans are:


It consists of doubling the bet until you win. It may seem a little strange at first, but it is based on the mathematical premise that a series of defeats is not infinite. For this reason it is recommended to all players, even beginners. Even so, you have to be very careful. It starts by betting minimum amounts and gradually increases. If you see that it is not really your day, it is best to give up – not least because casinos limit the maximum bet amount.


Although similar to the previous strategy, it is a little different because it is more suitable for external bets. The principle then is to add or subtract a bet unit after each bet. And for this to make sense you will need to have paper and a pen to write down the values ​​while playing. So when you lose, you bet another $ 1. When you win, you gradually decrease the stake. And in the meantime, you control your profit margin.


Henry Labouchere was Minister of Finance during the Victorian era. His method is to place the external bets progressively, as the numbers are recorded by the players. With this in mind, you will need to add the first and last numbers to define the value of the bet to be placed. To do this, choose a sequence of numbers and write it down on paper. Add the first and last numbers in your sequence and bet on this amount. When you lose, the value of the lost bet is added to the sequence you created. If you win, you will cross both numbers in the sequence. Therefore, to minimize losses, it is better to always opt for low value strings.