Betting Details for the Right Strategy

For a correct understanding of the strategy of betting on basketball using totals, it is necessary first of all to evaluate not the coefficients, but the value of the total itself. Look for event data with quotes in the 1.8-1.9 region. They will allow you to use the catch-up strategy, when you bet on the same (or with a minimal difference) totals two to two and a half times more than you lost before. Bookmakers limit the player’s bankroll by maximum bets. Therefore, only conditionally such a strategy for basketball against total is a win-win.

How the “Live Catch” strategy works in practice

For a complete understanding of the strategy of playing catch-up on basketball in live, experts offer the following formula for calculating the next bet:

C = (P + B) / (K-1)

Where C is the desired bet, P is the total lost amount, B is the planned win, K is the coefficient.

Before starting the game, you should determine your bankroll. So that it is enough for 7-8 steps.

How to reduce the number of levels to catch up

By analyzing personal meetings and identifying trends. For example, if in the last 10 meetings the second quarter ended 8 times in favor of the first team, feel free to bet on the same quarter in the upcoming match.

Odd / Even Quarter: Strategy for Basketball Connoisseurs

No serious analytics is required for such 카지노가입쿠폰 bets. You can test catch up with it, but otherwise there is no benefit. You won’t be able to outplay the bookmaker on his site. It is necessary to apply knowledge based on statistics to be successful in the sweepstakes. After all, otherwise the office will take away its margin, which is included in the odds, as the casino does when the “zero” appears. One of the options is to watch any match in live mode according to the FIBA ​​rules, wait for the 8th minute in the quarter and, if the total is currently even, we bet on even based on its results. At the same time, the teams must play neat two-point basketball, then in two minutes they will gain, taking into account six predicted attacks, 12 points.

Betting on “total over, total under”, based on statistics

Based on the exact numbers, most strategies using totals work well. There are tons of resources devoted to studying basketball statistics. When predicting totals, take into account the factors outlined in the “Important nuances of betting strategy” section. All of them affect the total, but here we will consider specific ones.

Average points

It is determined by dividing the sum of all points scored in the season by the total number of matches played.

Possession points

For example, if 100 points are accumulated in a hundred holdings, there is one point per holding. Depending on what philosophy the opponent adheres to (spends all 24 seconds on the attack or is limited to a minimum time of up to 8 seconds), you can predict how many possessions the teams will have. After – multiply by the average number of points for possession and get the desired value.

The forecast for the choice of tactics by the opponents

  • It is important to study the relationships between teams, as they can choose a defensive or attacking model of play specifically for the opponent.