Types Of Slot Machines

People love to play gambling games and one such game is slots, which can be played on different types of slot machines. People can find various Judi online tips from the players regarding the game and these tips are available on various reliable casino sites online. Online casinos have more options for playing games on different types of slot machines and in this article, we are going to discuss them.

Single Coin Machine

This type of machine is not being used in most of the casinos. People love to play games on this type of slot machine. But now this machine can be hardly found in any of the land-based or online casinos. The slot has become obsolete due to the introduction of multiple coin slots. There is another reason, which led to a decrease in the popularity of this slot machine. The reason is that single coin machines do not provide much profit in comparison to other types of slot machines. This type of slot machine can be found in old casinos where people can enjoy playing.


This is a machine in which people can use more than one coin. The payout will be given based on the coins used by a player. This machine was introduced in 1987 by Bally. The machine was introduced to allow people to place big bets. There are many winning combinations and the payout is given proportionately. A payout can be very large and it depends on the maximum bet placed by a player. This type of slot machine has become very common and can found in most casinos.

Buy-Your-Pay Machines

This is a tricky machine but not very complicated to understand. The payout table helps the people to know whether a machine is a buy-your-pay machine or not. The machines have the capability of accepting coins in the range of one to five. The winning depends on the number of coins that a player has used in the machine. There are different winning combinations and the players are paid according to them. The machines are not very popular and players need to be very careful while playing on this machine. It is a better option to place the maximum bet by using a maximum number of coins.

Multiple Playline Machines

A standard machine consists of only one playline where people can find the winning symbols. Now there are machines introduced which consist of more than one playline. This provides more opportunities for the players to win.

The extra play lines let the players activate one credit per playline when they insert a coin. There are additional indicators on the playline, which lit up to show that a particular playline is active. Players can find more than 25 play lines. Players must be aware of the fact that each machine has a different type of winning combinations and they should enquire about it before playing the game.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the slot machines, which players can use to play and win a lot of money. They can also visit the Judi online websites where they can get more information about all the slot machines.